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I started watching Doctor Who from the first episode of the classic series and after a couple of months managed to catch up! I post screen caps of some of the episodes i watch and other Doctor Who related stuff! c:

Get to know me meme  ||  [2/5] Scenes that made you smile »  Rise of the Cybermen

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More newly released images from Doctor Who season 8 premiere episode ‘Deep Breath’. 

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 I play a funny old man who lives inside a magic box.

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Verity Lambert, as played by Jessica Raine in An Adventure In Space And Time.

(Thank you for all you did for us, and happy 50th.)

This movie is so good

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William Hartnell’s granddaughter visits the set of The Reign of Terror wearing her Berwick Dalek Playsuit.

An Adventure in Space and Time (2013)

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William Hartnell said from the very beginning “This [show] is gonna run forever and ever and ever” - Carole Ann Ford. 

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Bearded hamster  David Tennant in The Ultimate Companion with Peter Davison (x)

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Colin Baker

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Tom Baker is pretty Awesome.

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i liked this control room ! D:

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impossible @.@
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